About CEX.IO Broker
CEX.IO Broker was born out of the necessity to allow market participants to benefit from both up and down price movements of cryptocurrencies. With CEX.IO Broker, users can both long and short cryptocurrencies by trading CFDs (Contracts for difference) on margin with up to 2x leverage.
Unlike other margin trading platforms, CEX.IO Broker offers more trading flexibility with an option to maintain multiple independent trading accounts for executing different trading styles and strategies. Margin is isolated between separate trading accounts, and cross-margin is used within each trading account.
CEX.IO Broker is a standalone margin trading platform and an important part of the CEX.IO ecosystem. Both the derivative platform (CEX.IO Broker) and spot trading platform (CEX.IO Exchange) share the same login, meaning you can switch between them without logging out. The transfers of funds between the two are free and instant.
With CEX.IO Exchange behind CEX.IO Broker, you are dealing with the team that has been in the cryptocurrency industry from 2011, run the cryptocurrency exchange from 2013, and has served millions of customers across the globe. Though the younger brother CEX.IO Broker is certainly more daring than its older sibling, CEX.IO Exchange, it definitely also inherits the same serious DNA.
We built CEX.IO Broker for:
Crypto enthusiasts who are adding extra income to their regular employment (doctors, teachers, mathematicians, store managers, business owners, and others), by making smart trading choices;
Curious individuals passionate about learning new instruments, identifying new opportunities, experimenting with new strategies, and being at the forefront of the new markets;
Full-time crypto traders who need trading flexibility, reliable funding and withdrawal methods, built-in analytics tools, and advanced exposure management;
Forex traders who already mastered similar tools in the traditional markets and now look to expand to the exciting cryptocurrency industry and capture the opportunities there;
Investment managers who maintain portfolios of digital assets and want to hedge some of their positions using capital-efficient derivatives.
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